Add New Subscriber

This method adds a new subscriber to a list. You can also use this method to update an existing subscriber. On another note, you can also embed a subscribe form on your website using TribeArc's subscribe form HTML code. Visit View all lists, select your desired list then click 'Subscribe form' at the top of the page.



Note: You can also pass values into custom fields or update them. To do so, use the personalization tag of the custom field as the parameter. Say, your custom field tag is [Birthday,fallback=], you can use the parameter, 'Birthday' to add values to this custom field or update it.

  1. api_key your API key, available in Settings.
  2. name user's name (optional)
  3. email user's email
  4. list the list id you want to subscribe a user to. This encrypted & hashed id can be found under View all lists section named ID.
  5. country user's 2 letter country code (optional)
  6. ipaddress user's IP address (optional)
  7. referrer the URL where the user signed up from (optional)
  8. gdpr if you're signing up EU users in a GDPR compliant manner, set this to "true" (optional)
  9. silent set to "true" if your list is 'Double opt-in' but you want to bypass that and signup the user to the list as 'Single Opt-in instead' (optional)
  10. hp include this 'honeypot' field to prevent spambots from signing up via this API call. When spambots fills in this field, this API call will exit, preventing them from signing up fake addresses to your form. This parameter is only supported in TribeArc 3.0 onwards. (optional)
  11. boolean set this to "true" so that you'll get a plain text response (optional)

RESPONSE (Plain text)

Success: true

Error: Some fields are missing.

Error: API key not passed

Error: Invalid API key

Error: Invalid email address.

Error: Already subscribed.

Error: Bounced email address.

Error: Email is suppressed.

Error: Invalid list ID.