Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Tribearc, we take your privacy seriously. Our Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how we use and protect the information that is collected about you. By accessing or using our services, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as outlined in this policy. 

Information Collected 

We may collect personal information such as name, email address, telephone number and other details which may be required in order to provide you with services. We may also collect non-personally identifiable information such as IP addresses and other technical data related to your device or browser when accessing our website or services. 


Use of Your Information 

Tribearc uses the personal data we collect from you for the following purposes: 

Data Retention & Security  

We will keep your data only for as long as necessary for us to fulfil our contractual obligations or comply with any regulatory requirements that apply in connection with it. We store all personal data securely within a controlled environment utilizing appropriate physical security measures (such as locks) in accordance with industry standards designed to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of such data. 

We maintain procedures designed to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to any confidential customer information they need in order perform their duties effectively while protecting against improper use of such data by those personnel who are not expressly authorized by Tribearc management team members responsible for protecting this customer’s confidential information from unauthorized users outside the company’s control framework . 

All employees who can access customer data must sign a confidentiality agreement before gaining access rights into systems containing sensitive customer records . Furthermore , all employees are subject regular training programs regarding safe handling , storage , retention , disposal practices according applicable laws .    


Third Parties 

We do not disclose any personally identifiable information collected through our Services without first obtaining permission from each individual whose personally identifiable info is being disclosed except where applicable law requires otherwise (i..e., where requested by law enforcement officials).     

Changes & Updates 

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically depending upon changes made by Tribearc management team members responsible for ensuring compliance across business operations throughout providing customers best possible experience whenever available products & services listed site . 

When changes made policy document become effective date designated upper right section document choose accept terms continue using Services reflect acceptance those modifications Statement time visit inform yourself latest version often possible ensure able make informed decisions regarding interaction sites applications maintain highest standards privacy practices safeguard sensitive clientele.