How to create a new course

Step 1: Click on New, under courses

Step 2: Choose one of the Live Courses, Video courses, and Text Courses from the Course type

New 1.png

Step 3: Choose the course title 

Step 4: Create the SEO meta description

Step 6: Upload Thumbnail by clicking on the arrow directly under the thumbnail button.

step 7: This takes you to the next page (see image below) where you can upload any image of your choice.  


Step 8: After clicking on the + sign, the upload and new folder options pop up.


Step 9:  Click on the upload folder to upload an image from your laptop, and click on choose files, it takes you directly to your pictures.


Step 10:  If you choose the new folder option button, you are asked to create a new folder name.


Step 11:  Upload the cover image by clicking the arrow directly under the cover image button. ( Repeat the same procedure for uploading the thumbnail).

Step 12:  Upload your demo video  ( Repeat the same procedure for uploading the thumbnail).

Step 13:  click on the description button to describe what your course is all about. 

Step 14:  After typing in your description, you can decide to publish, save it as a draft to come back to it, later, or click on the next page as shown below.


Step 15: If you save up your work as a draft and you need to go back to it, go back to your dashboard, under the subheading, my courses, you would see your course, and click on the three-dotted button to edit or delete. 


Step 16: click on the next button to:

1. select the capacity of the students you want


2. select if you want your course to be downloadable,

3. set the start date and duration

4. select a Partner instructor, if you want to share the course with another instructor.

5. Tag titles

Step 17:  Click on Category to select the category your course falls under. 


Step 18: To select the level, language, and topic, see the Category filters and click on the publish, save as draft button, or next button to move to the next page.


Step 19: click on next to move to step 3 and select your pricing plan. You can decide to set a particular course on discount, by clicking on the new pricing plan, Title, Discount, and Capacity. You can have more than one discount course by clicking on New plan continuously, it keeps adding another page.  Click on the start and end date buttons to set the duration. Then click on the Save button. 


Step 20: Click on next to move to stage 4. here, you can create live sessions by clicking on New session so students will be able to join and start learning.


Step 21: Click on New lesson to upload courses and additional files. 

Step 22: Add Title

Step 23: Choose the accessibility option

step 24: Choose the source option

Step 25: Upload your video by clicking on the arrow right before the select a file option.

Step 26: Describe the lesson 

Step 27: Click on the save button to save that page and click on the next button to move to step 5


Step 28: Click on New Prerequisites to create forced or suggested prerequisites for students to learn better. After clicking, this display an option to select prerequisite,

Step 29: Select prerequisite.

Step 30: Click on the Save button, and click on next to move to step 6.


Step 31:  Click on the New FAQ icon to create FAQs you will help users to know more about your class.

Step 32: After clicking on the New FAQ new interphase would appear, showing the Title and the Answer box.

Step 33: Type in your question and answer in the boxes provided and click on the Save button. ( You can always click on the New FAQ with a blue color ban to create more than one FAQ and answers for your students). 

Step 34: click on the next button to move to step 7

Step 35: Click on the New Quiz Icon to create quizzes in other to evaluate your students and award certificates to them.

Step 36: Click on the Quiz title option to set your quiz title. 

Step 37: Click on the Time bar, to set the time limit for the quiz.

Step 38: Click on the Randomize questions button to set questions at random.

Step 40: Click on Ensure learning to make sure that students watch the videos before answering the quiz questions. 

Step 41: Click on the Number of Attempts button to set the number of times a student can repeat a course.

Step 41: Click on the Pass Mark button to set a cut-off mark for your course.

Step 42: Click on the blue colour Create icon to save your work.

Step 43: Click on next to move to step 8

Step 44: Click on the message to reviewer to send a message you the reviewer. 

Step 45: Click on I agree with terms and rules to be able to publish